Il Gargano


The Gargano is called the Spur of Italy, not surprisingly: in fact, if our country remembers a bit of a boot, this corner of the territory can only immediately bring to mind a spur, with its protruding position. From the orographic point of view, the Gargano represents a promontory in the province of Foggia, whose extension reaches about seventy kilometers, dominating the Adriatic Sea.

The massif, in its southern part, is even more embellished from the naturalistic point of view from the Gulf of Manfredonia, while that, this area of ​​almost 2000 square kilometers is delimited inland by the territory of the Tavoliere delle Puglie. What makes this area even more precious is the presence of a natural park of the same name, which contributes to satisfactorily preserving this delicate territory.

In a place so rich ofinspiration and beauty, it cannot fail to amaze the presence of religious phenomena of a certain scale, which find their climax in places like San Giovanni Rotondo, where the famous San Pio of Pietralcina lived.