The city of Peschici it stands on a cliff in a splendid position overlooking the sea. Destination appreciated by tourists on holiday on the Gargano, it still retains the influence of its Moorish origin, a reminder of Arab dominations and incursions, with caves carved into the rock and ancient white houses with a domed roof.

Il historical center it is full of glimpses of great charm, with its artisan shops and numerous places where you can taste the typical dishes of the Apulian tradition. Walking through the narrow alleys carved into the cliff or climbing the small and winding stairs that characterize it, you can breathe a unique atmosphere: the scent of maritime pine mixed with brackish air is confused with the smell of rosemary and caper that comes spontaneously here.

Among the many beaches that surround it, one of the most beautiful is the Baia di Manacora, located on the extreme tip of the Gargano coast with a splendid beach of fine sand framed by rocks close to the National Park of Gargano.

La Baia di Peschici it is renowned for its white sand beach, about 1.2 kilometers long, framed by large rocks, which make it an ideal quiet beach for children.

Boat excursions start from the port of Peschici to visit the sea caves of the coast and ferry travel to the Tremiti Islands.

Traveling along the coastal stretch from Peschici goes trought Vieste, is possible to admire the ancient watchtowers and the famous trabucchi. The term "trabucco" is dialectal, most likely deriving from the Latin "trabs-trabis", Or" wood "or" beam ". These are ingenious tools used for fishing, made with poles driven into the rocks and ropes that hold a large net lowered into the water, called the "trap", with which you catch the fish. It constitutes the traditional fishing system still used by Peaches.